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We'll help you from migrating to the cloud and creating fully automated and repeatable infrastructure to creating & designing an application

What we do

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Release Engineering (Dev/Staging/Production)

We'll help you rapidly deploy software with automatic rollout/rollback to all three environments using CI/CD

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Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

We'll ensure you'll have a stable platform with operational insights to monitoring, alerts and performance.

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Infrastructure & Configuration As Code

We'll construct the infrastructure and configuration management as code through tools as Terraform & Ansible

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Application Development

We'll help you extend your existing platform, write new features, patch bugs, and we can build applications from ground up

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Cloud Migration

We'll help you migrate your infrastructure to the cloud and make it fully automated, repeatable and available

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Design & Prototype

We'll collaborate directly with you to negotiate design priorities and shepherd projects from initial conceptualization through to implementation and launch

Pushing limits with brilliance

Honeylogic is a remote based team of expert consultants, with varying skills from infrastructure to fullstack development and design. The company is based in Estonia but the team is located across the globe.


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